PMView Pro's Slide Show Feature

Show off your digital Camera Pics from your last Holiday to everyone using PMView Pro.

PMView Pro can display your favorite images with its built in Slide Show Feature!

Slide Shows can be viewed either Windowed (shown to the left), or displayed Full Screen.

A handy Slide Show Controller Window is displayed so that you may control the action. Familiar VCR type controls make maneuvering within your Slide Show easy. A Preview Window within the Slide Show Controller shows you what the next image to be displayed is.

PMView Pro allows you to Queue up your slide show with efficiency. Simply Click on the File Menu, select Open and pic the images from your favorite library or folder.

Once selected, your images show up as thumbnails, in the order in which they will be displayed.

If you are not happy with the order they are currently in, simply drag the thumbnail(s) around the window and place them in any order you wish.

Once all is in order, start the Slide Show Controller, and let the show begin.

The PMView Pro Slide Show Controller is invoked by selecting Show from the View Menu and Selecting the Slide Show Controller.
By pressing Play, the Slide Show Starts.

A typical Slide Show is shown to the right in its Full Screen Mode.

A Windowed Slide Show is shown at the top of this page. Switching back and forth is as easy as clicking a check box in the Slide Show Tab of the PMView Pro Preferences window, shown bottom-left.

The rate at which the different images are displayed, also known as Framerate, can be setup in the Slide Settings Tab of the PMView Pro Preferences window, shown bottom-right.

The PMView Pro Slide Show Preferences Tab

The PMView Pro Slide Settings Preferences Tab