This page contains a collection of tips and tricks to help you get the most out of PMView Pro!

If you are new to PMView and want to view our Getting Started guide, click here.

Pop-Up Menu Function
Right Clicking your mouse anywhere in the image area, all of the menu items are available in a handy pop-up menu!
Change Image File Format with a Right-Click!

In the File Open Dialog Box, select the images you wish to change and Right-Click your mouse to reveal a Flyout Menu. By selecting Convert to... you can convert your images to another file format.

Shortcut Keys
The shortcut keys in PMView are configurable. You can change the current definitions to your liking or add shortcut keys to any menu item that currently has no key assigned. You can even add multiple keys for the same function if you wish. Shortcut keys can be configured on the "Shortcut keys" page of PMView's options notebook. Select "View->Preferences" from the main menu to open the options notebook.