Palette management options

This page lets you configure how PMView handles display of color images on low color display adapters. This page is only present if your current display mode is using 256 colors or fewer.


The following options configure how PMView uses the palette manager. Of course, if you don't have palette manager support, the following options won't be available.


Blank window before changing the palette If set, PMView will clear the window before changing the palette, e.g. when a new image is loaded. If not set, the window won't be cleared and color noise may appear when loading a new image. You may want to turn off this option if you have a sequence of images(slideshow) that uses the same palette and the blanking between the images is in appropriate.


Override system colors in Full Screen mode If set, PMView will use all 256 colors in Full Screen mode, rather than letting the operating system reserve 20 for the user interface.


Color rendering options


These options will depend on your system configuration

Please double-click your configuration below:

- 256 color systems with Palette Manager

- 256 color systems

 - Systems with fewer than 256 colors