Color rendering options - Systems with fewer than 256 colors


These options determine how PMView will reduce the number of colors when loading an image.




Adaptive This will select the 16 best colors for the image and hand over the final color selection to the operating system. Since the color selection done by the operating system is crude, the image won't look good.

System This will use the 16 fixed colors in the system palette.

2-2-2 levels This will use a standard 2-2-2 level fixed palette, that is, a palette with 2 intensity levels for each color component (Red, Green, Blue).




None The colors will be selected on best match basis. The color error is not compensated.

Ordered Ordered dithering is used to compensate the error. Ordered dithering can only be used with the 2-2-2 level palette.

Diffusion Floyd-Steinberg error diffusion dithering is used to compensate the color error.


Preference  Palette  Dither

Best color quality   System  Diffusion

Fastest loading   2-2-2 level Ordered

System default   Adaptive  None