PMView Pro Getting Started: Image Manipulation

Create eye catching slideshows!

Create a SlideShow

With the slideshow feature of PMView Pro, you can put together and save slideshows of your images.

To begin, select the File->Open command from the PMView Pro main window. Highlight the files that should be included in the slideshow and drag them into the main PMView window. Now that you have the images inside of the main PMView window, 'Cancel' the FOC window and you can begin working with the slideshow images. Each file has its own settings that determine how long it should be displayed as well as an area for notes that should be displayed on screen with that specific image during the slideshow. You can access these settings from the popup menu when right-clicking on the individual images and selecting Settings...

Once you have adjusted the settings for each image, select File->Save as... to save the slideshow. Note that the images included in the slideshow are included by reference only, so if you move the images, the slideshow will not operate correctly any longer.

Now, to begin playing the slideshow, select View-> Show-> Controller from the main window. You can toggle the display of the controller anytime by using Alt+C shortcut keys. Another way to start the slideshow would be right-clicking inside the PMView main window, but not on any of the images, and selecting Run All. Once the slideshow is running, you can use the Space Bar to advance through the images manually.


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