PMView Pro Getting Started: Image Manipulation

Simple, one-time conversions or scripted conversions, PMView Pro is ready!

Convert Images

Using the Convert... menu from the File menu or the File Open Containers (FOC) popup menus can help you to easily and quickly convert images from one format to another. Add in the ability to use predefined scripts that can perform actions from setting file names and directories to performing filtering and other functions and the convert feature is made all the more powerful.

Let's walk through an example of converting an image from TIFF format to BMP format while converting the image to grayscale. We will do this from the File Open Container, but it can easily be applied to a single image that is already open by accessing the File->Convert... menu command. Also keep in mind that this can be performed on multiple images simply by highlighting more than one image.

We begin by selecting the desired image in the FOC and right clicking. From the popup menu we will select 'Convert'. You are now presented with the Convert dialog. This is where we will specify the desired changes.

Script - In the dropdown, you can select any script that you may have previously created, or create a new one. For this example, we will be creating a new script named Grayscale. Click 'New' and name your script, then from the Operations list, select 'Convert to Grayscale' and then Add that to the Scripts list. While there are no options for this script, if you were to highlight other operations inside the script list, the available options would appear below in the Parameters area of the dialog.

If you want to make this script available for future conversions, be sure to leave the box checked at the bottom of the dialog to 'Include on QuickScript menu' before selecting OK.

Output Format - Here you should select the format that you want your image(s) converted to. In this example, we are converting to BMP, so the 'Options' button is available. Depending on the format you choose, you will be able to set the paramaters for that format via the Options button the same as you would during the PMView Save operation.

Output Directory - Use this dialog to set the directory that the converted images should be saved to.

File name - PMView will automatically insert the existing file name and the extension selected in the Output Format dialog, but you can manually edit the file name here.

If file exists - By selecting 'Ask', you will be prompted with the Confirm File Replace dialog. The dialog will show you file information and thumbnails of the source and existing target file and let you decide what to do. 'Replace' will overwrite the existing file and 'Skip' will not perform any action if the target file already exists. 'Rename' will save the target file by appending a number to the target file name.

You can also select 'Delete Original' to completely remove the original file from your system.

Selecting Convert will begin the conversion in the background, allowing you to continue doing other things with PMView Pro. You can now use the script that you created from the FOC or as a startup option using Command Line Parameters.


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