PMView Pro Getting Started: Image Manipulation

Full control of how your images print!

Printing Images

While your printer will ultimately determine the printing quality and options available, PMView makes getting the image to your printer as easy as possible.

When you select Print from the File menu, you are presented with the Print dialog which lays out the various options available for printing. The first option is the size of the image that should be printed. Three of the options will automatically adjust the image and the last two allow you to input your own size options; all with instant priview of what the image will look like on the printed page(s).

Once you have adjusted the size of the image itself, you can adjust the size of the page margins. This is option is adjustable only to the limits of your printer. The default margins that appear are the minimum available for the selected printer. In addition to the controls on the left, you can use your mouse to drag the margins in the preview image on the right. Just click and drag the dotted lines that surrond the image to adjust the margins.

The next set of controls include the page orientation options that allow you to print the image horizontally or vertically on the page. You can also set the range of pages to be printed should your image stretch across 2 or more pages.

The last set of options allow you to select different printers that are installed on your system, set the unit of measurement used to display previous settings.

The Gamma option allows you to adjust the brightness of the image on the printed page. This adjustment will not be visible in the preview, but will improve the quality of some images. Setting the gamma below one will result in a darker image and above one will result in a brighter image.


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