PMView Pro Getting Started: Image Manipulation

Capture images from your desktop!

Capturing Images & Screenshots

Another sign of PMView's versatility is the Screen Capture utility. Using this feature you can quickly and easily capture entire screens, windows or selected areas of the screen.

To begin, select File->Capture->Setup... to make sure the settings will work for what you need to accomplish.

Settings on this menu are fairly straightforward and a matter of preference on your part. Once you have the desired settings, select 'OK' and return to the File->Capture menu and select the type of capture you want from the choices of Window (an entire window including borders, status bars, toolbars, etc), Window Interior (just the content of the selected window, not the containing program), Screen (the entire visible screen on your monitor) or Area of Screen which will turn your cursor into a selector that will begin highlighting when you left click. Once you select the type of capture and activate it using the key selected or after the delay, PMView will return to the screen with the captured image in the window. Now you can manipulate and save the image using PMView Pro.


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