PC Paint/Pictor Save Options


These options determine how PMView saves PC Paint/Pictor files.


EGA Palette If set, PMView will save PIC files with an EGA style palette (3 * 2 bits). Since the EGA palette only supports four intensities for each color channel, this may result in color errors. Use this option if the target application only understand EGA palettes. When using this option, you can get better colors by converting to 16 system colors with dithering before saving. If not set, PMView will save files using the VGA palette (18 bits).


If the image shows up as totally black in another application, a possible problem is that the image does not have a color map and the application is notable to provide a default color map. In this case, make sure that you turn OFF this option.


Note: This option is ignored if the image you're saving has more than 16 colors.


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