PC Paint/Pictor Format (PIC)


General Description

PIC files are created by PC Paint/Pictor (not PC Paintbrush) and are used by Grasp, among others.


The default extension is PIC. Note! This extension is used by a number of applications to mean widely different things. If PMView cannot read your file with PIC extension, you can assume that it isn't a PC Paint/Pictor file. For instance, PMView will not read Lotus 1-2-3 PIC files (these are vector graphics, not bitmaps).


Supporting Platforms and Applications

MS-DOS. PC Paint/Pictor, Grasp, and many others.


PMView Support

In conformance with the PIC file specifications PMView will be able to display any PIC file complying to the plane- and bitcounts below.

1..8 planes, 1..8 bits per pixel (2..256 colors)

3 planes, 8 bits per pixel (16M colors)


Currently PMView does not support the following new modes, however they will be supported in a later version of



1 plane, 16 bits per pixel (65k colors)

1 plane, 24 bits per pixel (16M colors)


PIC files created for an EGA screen may lack a color map. When reading such files PMView will use a default EGA palette (If the image shows up as totally blank in another application, one possible problem is that the image does not have a color map and the application is not able to provide a default color map.)