OS/2 Boot Logo Save Options


These options determine how PMView saves OS/2 Boot Logo files.


Target platform


OS/2 Warp 3.x This will create an OS/2 boot logo that is 640x400pixels and thus compatible with Warp versions 3.x and above. (Warp 3 uses 80 pixels at the bottom for copyright information.)


OS/2 Warp 4.x This will create an OS/2 boot logo that is 640x480 pixels. Use this format if the boot logo will be used under Warp 4.


Optimize encoding If set, PMView will compress the boot logo file as much as possible. This gives a smaller file that loads faster. Note that saving is much slower with this option on, so you may want to keep Optimize encoding turned off while experimenting and turn it on when saving the final boot logo file.


Use error diffusion dithering If set, Floyd-Steinberg error diffusion dithering is used to compensate color errors. This is usually the preferred method, because color errors are often big when converting to a 16 fixed color EGA palette. (The boot logo format uses EGA colors).


When saving files in the OS/2 Boot Logo format, PMView will automatically resize the image to the correct size (640x400 or 640x480). Interpolation is used when resizing and the aspect ratio is maintained. The colors will be reduced to the set of 16 fixed colors of the EGA palette.


Warning: Do not use files saved with the Warp 4.x option under Warp 3. Doing so will result in an OS/2 TRAP at startup.


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