OS/2 Boot Logo (LGO)


General Description

The OS/2 Boot Logo format is used under OS/2 Warp versions 3 and 4 for storing the boot logo. The boot logo is the image that is shown at first when OS/2 starts up after a re-boot.


Under Warp 3, the size of the boot logo image is 640x400 pixels. The VGA resolution used at boot time is 640x480. Warp 3 reserves 80lines at the bottom of the screen for showing copyright information. This space cannot be used and thus the size of the boot logo must be 640x400. (Using a 640x480 boot logo under Warp 3 will result in an OS/2 TRAP at system startup.) Warp 4 does not reserve this space and a full-screen 640x480 boot logo may be used under Warp 4.


The boot logo file is located on the root of the OS/2 boot drive. The name of the file is OS2LOGO and by default the file has the system attributes hidden, system, and read-only set.


The default extension is LGO.


Supporting Platforms and Applications

Intel machines running OS/2 version 3.x and above


PMView Support

PMView supports the boot logo format of Warp 3.x and Warp 4.x. When saving files in the OS/2 Boot Logo format, PMView will automatically resize the image to the correct size; 640x400 or 640x480 (depending on the selected format). Interpolation is used when resizing and the aspect ratio is maintained. The colors will be reduced to the set of 16 fixed colors of the EGA palette.