Startup options


· Startup minimized (iconized)

· Normal

· Full Screen each loaded image automatically


If you pick the first option, PMView will start up minimized when you first load it. The second option will make it start up with the size of the image you specify on the command line (or the size it was when it last closed). (To make it do this every time it loads an image, select "When loading a new image" on the window page.) The last option will make PMView go into Full Screen mode every time that it loads an image.


(Why would you want to start up PMView iconified? Suppose you have associations set so that whenever you double-click on the name of a GIF file, it starts up PMView automatically. It's quite convenient to be able to double-click on several GIF files and have each one appear as an icon at the bottom of your screen, so you can pick which ones to look at after they’re done loading.


Loading options


· Progressive loading If set, PMView will clear its window immediately when an image is being loaded and the image will be shown incrementally during the loading. If not set, PMView will retain any previous image until the image has been fully loaded and not display the new image until PMView has finished loading it. Note that progressive loading won't start immediately when loading high resolution Photo-CD formats (1536x1024 and above). For instance, 1536x1024 must load 50% before progressive painting can begin.


· Enable animation If set, PMView will load animated files (e.g. GIF files) and display the image frames (pages) according to the scheme stored in the file. If not set, PMView will only load the first frame of the file.


· Beep on error If set, PMView will emit an error beep if an error is encountered in the loaded file. The error message is shown in PMView's status bar. If not set, PMView will not emit a sound. (However the error message is still displayed in the status bar).


· Deleting current image loads next image If set, PMView will automatically load the next image if the currently viewed image is deleted or moved. Note that the Ctrl-DEL shortcut key performs the same function. Thus, you may want to use Ctrl-DEL instead of enabling this option.