Photo CD


These options are for use with Photo CD images.


Default resolution


192 x 128

384 x 256

768 x 512

1536 x 1024

3072 x 2048

6144 x 4096


Photo CD images actually store five copies of each picture, one for each resolution above. You should select the resolution you want by default. Photo CD PRO images additionally store a sixth resolution (6144x4096). Beware! The larger Photo CD resolutions will need a lot of memory to load.


Ask for resolution before loading image If set, PMView will ask you which resolution you want before you load a Photo CD image.


Note: The default resolution will always be used in a slideshow. In case the selected default resolution is 6144 x 4096 and the image is not a Photo CD PRO image, then the best available resolution (3072 x 2048) will be used instead.