Copy/Move File


This dialog lets you copy or move selected file(s). Note that if more than one file is selected you cannot alter the name of the target file.


Source directory This displays the directory from which files will be copied or moved. (You cannot edit this field.)

Target directory This lets you type in or select the destination directory to which files should be copied or moved. By default this is set to the most recently used directory. You can select another directory in the list of most recently used directories by clicking on its name. If the desired directory is not in the list, you can type its name in the field.

File name This lets you change the name of the destination file. Note that this field is only available when you copy or move a single file.

If file exists This lets you select the type of action to take when a file with the same name as the file copied or moved already exists at the destination.

Ask This option will show the Confirm File Replace dialog. The dialog will show you file information and thumbnails of the source and existing target file and let you decide what to do.

Replace When using this option, an existing target file will be replaced.

Skip When using this option, no action will be taken if the target file exists.

Rename When using this option, the target file will automatically be renamed if a target file with the same name already exists.

Skip if identical If checked, the files will be bytewise compared and if the files are identical no action is taken. If not checked, the selected type of action is always taken.