Confirm File Replace


This dialog appears if the target file of a copy or move operation already exists. The dialog shows you file information and thumbnails of the source and existing target file and let you decide what to do.

Apply to all Checking this box will apply the selected action (Replace, Skip, Rename, or Delete) to all files.

Replace This will replace the target file (in the left window).

Skip This will skip the operation. The current file will not be moved or copied.

Rename This will pop up a window that lets you rename the target file.

Note that if Apply to all is checked, automatic renaming is assumed and the rename window will not be shown.

Cancel This will abort the copy or move operation and remaining files in this batch will not be copied or moved. Use Skip unless you wish to cancel the operation for all remaining files.

Delete The two delete buttons let you delete the destination or source file. Note that when you use these buttons, they perform the delete and nothing more. For instance, if you delete the destination file, it will be deleted and nothing more will happen. If the operation is a move, the source will not be moved or deleted. If the operation is a copy, the copy will not take place. Use the Replace button if you wish to complete the operation and replace the target file.