PMView Pro Getting Started: Image Manipulation

Simplifying the way you manage images!

Now, let's dig into a few of the features that make PMView Pro a must have image management tool. In this guide, we will give general examples of what can be done, along with references to the help file for more in depth information about settings and techniques discussed.

Create a transparent background

Not all image formats support a transparency setting, but the most common GIF is the most common web format using transparency. In order to set transparency in these images, you will first need to set the image to 256 colors using Color->Convert->Indexed 256-color. You should now be able view the colors used in the image by selecting Color->Edit Palette. The color in the top left corner is considered the 0 index, and the bottom right color is 255. By default, the 0 index is used for transparency. If this is not the color you would like to be transparent, use the palette editor to locate and note the index of the color that you want to be transparent.

Once you know the index number of the color you would like made transparent, select File->Save As... Select GIF as the file format and select 'Options'. On the options menu select 'Transparent Color Index' and enter the number for the desired color if necessary and select 'OK'. Now you only need to name the file and click 'Save' to create a transparent background for your image.


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