PMView Pro Getting Started: PMView Pro Toolbar

Quick access to the most common tasks!

To get the most out of PMView Pro, you should make yourself familiar with the toolbar and available shortcut keys. The complete list of shortcut keys can be found in the included help file, as well as toolbar information.

File Open - This will present the file open dialog, allowing you to open one or more images, or to convert image(s) using PMView.

Previous/Next Image - Using the Previous and Next buttons is an easy way to scroll through the available images in the current directory.

Recall - This will reload the current image from disk into PMView. If you have made changes to the image, you will be prompted to Save or cancel those changes.

Delete - The Delete button will prompt you with a dialog confirming that you want to delete the file from disk.

Save - The Save button will open the Save dialog if you have not saved the image previously. If you have saved it, the image will be automatically saved in the same location with the same name.

Print - This will open the Print image dialog allowing you to adjust how the image will be printed.

Move - This allows you to use the pointer to move the entire PMView window by clicking and dragging anywhere inside the window.

Zoom - When the Zoom tool is selected, left-clicking the image will zoom in by a factor of 100% and right clicking will zoom out by the same amount that was zoomed in.

Scroll - This option allows you to click on an image inside of PMView Pro and drag the image through the window if it is larger that the current PMView Pro window.

Selection - This will allow you to select specific portions of the message for cropping, etc.

Preferences - This button will display the Preferences notebook of PMView Pro, allowing you to adjust the various settings within the program.

Help - Quick an easy access to a complete help file that can answer just about any question you have about PMView Pro.


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