ZSoft Paintbrush Format (PCX)


General Description

PCX files are created by Zsoft's PC Paintbrush, one of the most popular PC drawing tools.


The default extension is PCX


Supporting Platforms and Applications

This format is supported by numerous applications on a wide range of platforms.



PMView Support

The following PCX revisions are supported.

1. Version 2.5 of PC Paintbrush

2. Version 2.8 with or w/o palette

3. Version 3.0

4. Version 5.0 including 24-bit PCX.


PMView is not dependent on the version number tag, so in practice PMView should be able to display any PCX file conforming to the technical specs below. The version list above is provided as a guideline only.



Technical Information

Images up to 8-bit color depths [bits*planes<=8]:

 1,2,4, or 8 bits

 1, 2. or 4 planes



Support for 24-bit images (PCX rev 5.0)

 3 planes

 8 bits


PCX files created for an EGA screen may lack a color map. When reading such files PMView will use a default EGA palette. (If the image shows up as totally black in another application, one possible problem is that the image does not have a color map and the application is not able to provide a default color map.)