X Window Dump (XWD)


General Description

The XWD (X Window Dump) format is used specifically to store screen dumps created by the X Window System.


The default extension is XWD.


Supporting Platforms and Applications

UNIX X Window.


PMView Support

There are currently 6 different image classes; StaticGray, GrayScale,StaticColor, PseudoColor, TrueColor, and DirectColor. PMView is able to read all these types. Supported pixmap formats are XYBitmap, XYPixmap and ZPixmap. For XYPixmaps and ZPixmaps PMView accepts a depth of 1 to 16 pixels for grayscale and colormapped XWDs, and 1..32 pixels for color XWDs. PMView handles both chunky (ZPixmap) and planar data (XYPixmap). PMView reads X10 and X11 X Window dump files.


Field   PMView support


X10 (06h), X11 (07h)


XYBitmap (00h), XYPixmap (01h), and ZPixmap (02h)


1..32 bits


1..32 bits


8..256 bits


StaticGray (00h), GrayScale (01h), StaticColor (02h), PseudoColor (03h), TrueColor (04h), and DirectColor (05h).