Why Register?


Since the shareware (trial) copy of PMView that you have is fully functional, you may wonder what you'll gain by registering. This section tries to clarify the matter.


You may use PMView for a 31-day trial period, as long as you agree to the provisions of the license agreement. If you continue to use PMView beyond this 31-daytrial period, you are obligated to register it.


Creating this piece of software has required more than ten years of hard work. We are trusting you to register if you continue to use it after the trial period. This is what shareware is all about. This is the first time we have released PMView in a version that lets you save files before you register it. If our trust is repaid by a drop in the number of registrations, we will have no choice but to go back to disabling file saves in the unregistered version. If you like PMView, please support it. So that we may keep releasing it as fully functional, non-crippled shareware.


Registering PMView will give you a password that lets you download the current registered version of PMView and all future upgrades of PMView up to version 3.99. The registered version is not time-limited in any way and the annoying nag-dialog that appears at program startup is removed. Furthermore, when you register PMView you can rest assured that we will continue to enhance it to take advantage of advances in future hardware and software technology. Also, while we will listen to any suggestions we receive, we pay close attention to requests and suggestions from registered users.



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