Tagged Interchange File Format (TIF)


General Description

This format is suitable as a generalized format for cross platform image exchange since applications for processing TIFF images are available on most platforms. Beware! Many applications only handle a small subset of the formats specified in the TIFF specs. Don't take for granted that an application will be able to read the files you save!


The default extension is TIF.


Supporting Platforms and Applications

This format is supported by numerous applications on a wide range of platforms.


PMView Support

PMView provides full Baseline support conforming with the TIFF 6.0 specification and supports the following TIFF extensions:


CCITT bilevel encodings (RLE, FAX3, FAX4)

LZW compression and differencing predictor

New JPEG compression (JPEG-in-TIFF)

Deflate compression (ZIP-in-TIFF)

Tiled images

CMYK images

RGB image colorimetry

YCbCr color

L*A*B* color



The TIFF LZW compression/decompression included in this software is licensed under U.S. Patent No. 4,558,302 and foreign counterparts.


TIFF(tm) is a trademark of Aldus Corporation.