System Info


This will display miscellaneous information about PMView and your current system setup.



Product name The name of this product.

Version The version of PMView that you're currently using.

Build The build level of PMView. This number displays the build number and is used during beta testing and when reporting bugs.



Screen size The screen size in pixels (width x height)

Bit depth The pixel bit depth

Plane count The number of color planes used. (This should always be 1).

Uses palette This tells whether the display mode uses a palette or not.

Palette size The size of the palette. (This entry is only displayed if the Uses palette entry says Yes).

Reserved colors The number of reserved colors. Reserved colors cannot be used for palette animation. (This entry is only displayed if the Uses palette entry says Yes).

Color resolution The color resolution of the digital to analog converter (DAC) in the graphics card. (This entry is only displayed if the Uses palette entry says Yes).

Refresh rate The display refresh rate. (This entry may or may not be displayed depending on the operating system version and/or display driver in use).

Raster caps Raster capability flags



Physical size The physical size of the screen the display driver is configured for. The measurements are in millimeters.

Resolution The resolution of the image on-screen in dots per inches. Note that in order for this value to be correct, the actual physical size of the image on-screen must match the dimensions reported in the Physical size entry.


Processor & memory

Number of CPUs The number of processors installed in this system.

CPU family The CPU family: 3=386, 4=486, 5=Pentium, 6=Pentium Pro family (includes Pentium II/III)

CPU model The CPU model identified by CPUID

CPU stepping The CPU stepping identified by CPUID

Page size The memory page size in bytes

Physical RAM The amount of memory installed in this system.


Operating system

Operating system The name of the operating system

Version The major and minor operating system versions

Build The operating system build level. This number is useful for identifying what service pack fix level is installed.