These options choose how you want files sorted in the File Open Container. By default, files are sorted by name and in increasing order. The following choices are available:


Name Images are sorted by filename.


Extension Images are sorted by extension. (The extension is the part of the file name that follows the last period, e.g. "GIF" is the extension of "My.House.GIF").


Image format Images are sorted by image format. (The image's filename extension is ignored, except to break ties as in the note below.) Not available in Quick view.


Image Size Images are sorted by how many pixels they take up, that is, by their width times their height. Not available in Quick view.


Image Depth Images are sorted by how many colors their particular format can support (e.g. 16-color GIFs precede 256-color GIFs). Not available in Quick view.


File Size Images are sorted by how much disk space they take up.


Date and Time Images are sorted by their date and time stamps, from oldest to newest


Descending Order If selected, images are sorted and then displayed in reverse order.


Erroneous First If selected, damaged files will show up first in the list of files, or last if the :hp1.Descending Order:ehp1. option is used.



Note: If two images compare the same on the primary sort, PMView will "break ties" by comparing their filenames (including extensions). So, for instance, if you sort by File Size, and two files have the same size, those two will be sorted alphabetically by filename.