This lets you configure the different settings for slideshows.


Run Full Screen If set, each slide will be drawn Full Screen. If not set, each slide will be drawn in the PMView window (in which case, the settings on the Window page of PMView's main Preferences Notebook will be used).


Run continuously If set, the slideshow will "wrap around" if you try to go past either end. (For example, if you reach the last slide and press the right arrow, PMView will go back to the first slide.)Otherwise, PMView's slideshow will end if you go forward from the last slide(or backward from the first slide).


Run scrambled If set, the slides will be scrambled when you start the slideshow. The order will be restored when the slideshow is stopped, thus the slideshow won't be modified.


Swap mouse buttons If set, then the left mouse button will move forward a slide and the right mouse button will move backwards.

Autostart If set, the slideshow will automatically start running when it is loaded.