Slide Settings Dialog


This dialog contains the settings of a slide. You can double-click on a slide to open up its settings dialog, or you can right-click on the slide and select Settings from the popup menu.


Advance to next image

Manually This will turn off the timer, thus you will have to manually advance to the next image by pressing the Play button in the slideshow controller or by right-clicking.


Automatically after This will enable the timer. You can still advance manually, but if you haven't proceeded to the next image before the specified time has elapsed, PMView will automatically move to the next image.



PMView will let you type notes about the slide in this field. These notes will be saved when you save the slideshow.


Display Notes If set, your note will be displayed in a window while that slide is shown.


You can copy any or all of these settings by selecting Copy Settings. To choose which settings get copied, click on the arrow to the right of the word Settings, and select the settings you want to copy.