SGI Image File Format (SGI)


General Description

The SGI image file format is part of the SGI image library found on all Silicon Graphics machines. SGI image files may store black & white (.BW extension), color RGB (.RGB extension), or color RGB with alpha channel (.RGBA extension) images. SGI image files may have the generic extension .SGI as well.


The default extension for SGI Image files is SGI.


Supporting Platforms and Applications

SGI graphics software.


PMView Support

PMView supports the following types of SGI files:


Method of storage  Verbatim (00h), RLE (01h)

Bytes per color channel 1 or 2

Number of planes  1 or 3 (any number of planes >= 1 is accepted)

Color map type   Normal (00h), Dithered (01h), or Screen (02h)