Preserve Color Depth


This option selects whether PMView should optimize colors for viewing or preserve the full color depth for editing.


If not set, PMView will convert loaded images to look as good as possible on your display. The image data may be converted, thus you should not use this mode if you intend to save the image to disk. For instance, loading a deep color image on a 256-color system will reduce the number of colors to 256 colors. If you save this converted image, color information may be lost!


If set PMView does not convert loaded images. The full color information of the original image will be retained. If your current video mode is unable to display all color information in the image, PMView will use dithering when showing the image. We recommend that you always enable this option when saving files.


Note: This option is not available on deep color systems when running in deep color mode no color reduction is needed.