Predefined file types and filters


Predefined file types and filters (may differ if you have reconfigured the extensions in the Preferences Notebook):


Type of File     Filter

OS/2 Bitmap


Windows Bitmap


Windows Cursor 




Flexible Image Transport System


CCITT Group 3 Facsimile


Graphics Interchange Format


OS/2 Icon


Windows Icon


Electronic Arts IFF

*.IFF; *.ILBM; *.LBM

Digital Research GEM


JPEG File Interchange Format

*.JPG; *.JPEG; *.JIF; *.JFIF

OS/2 Boot Logo 




Microsoft Paint


PC Paint/Pictor


Bio-Rad PIC Format


Softimage Picture


Kodak Photo CD


Adobe Photoshop


ZSoft Paintbrush


Portable Network Graphics


PBMPlus Portable Bitmap


PBMPlus Portable Graymap 


PBMPlus Portable Pixmap


PBMPlus Portable Anymap


OS/2 Pointer


Sun Raster


Compuserve RLE 


Utah RLE


SGI Image File Format

*.SGI; *.RGB; *.RGBA; *.BW

Seattle Filmworks


PMView Slideshow


Tagged Interchange File Format


Truevision TGA


WAP Bitmap


WordPerfect Graphics 


X Bitmap


X Pixmap


X Window Dump