MacPaint (MAC)


General Description

MacPaint is the native format for MacPaint, a drawing program for the Apple Macintosh.


The default extension is MAC.


Supporting Platforms and Applications

Macintosh. This format is supported by many applications on various formats. However, the format is monochrome only and require the image to be of fixed size.


PMView Support

PMView supports MacPaint versions 0 and 2. However, PMView does not use the version number when checking if the file is a MacPaint file or not, so as long as the image data in the MacPaint file is the same as in versions 0 and 2, the image can be read. When saving files in the MacPaint format, PMView will automatically resize the image to the correct size (576x720). Interpolation is used when resizing and the aspect ratio is maintained.


Note that PMView separately reads and handles the information in a MacBinary header, if available. The MacBinary header is not part of the MacPaint format and PMView will not write MacBinary headers when saving files. (A MacBinary header is a structure that allows Macintosh programs and data to be transferred outside the Macintosh environment and back.)


Technical Information

MacPaint is a monochrome, black & white format that uses packbits encoding.

The size of MacPaint images is fixed: 576 x 720 pixels.