These options let you add, remove, and change shortcut keys.


Category Use this to select the subgroup of the command for which you would like to modify the shortcut key. All the main menu options are listed here. Note that in addition to the menu options it is also possible to configure slideshow and scrolling keys.


Command This lets you select the command for which you would like to modify the shortcut key.


Press new shortcut key Lets you enter the shortcut key. First press any modifiers you want (a combination of Ctrl, Alt, and Shift), if any. Then press the key.


Current keys Lists the current key assignments for the command currently selected in the Command list. Note that the first key listed is the one that is shown in the menus.


Assign key Adds the key definition in the Press new shortcut key field to the list of shortcut keys. The new key is always added last in the list. If you wish to rearrange the keys in order to get a specific key first (so that it is displayed in the menus) you need to first remove any preceding keys and add them again.


Remove key Removes the key that is currently selected in the Current keys list. If no key is selected, this button is disabled.


Load v1.0 layout Pressing this key loads the PMView version 1.0 keyboard layout. (Use the Default button to load the PMView default layout).