JPEG Rotate

This will let you perform lossless JPEG rotation on one or more files. Note that all selected files must be JPEG files, otherwise these options will be disabled.


Lossless 90 CounterClockWise rotates the image by 90 degrees to the left.

Lossless 90 ClockWise rotates the image by 90 degrees to the right.

Lossless 180 Upside Down rotates the image by 180 degrees.

Lossless using EXIF Information Rotates the image to normalized (top-left) orientation by using EXIF information. You will find this option useful if your image files have EXIF data with an Orientation tag value other than top-left (1). In this case most software will not display the files with the orientation intended. The reason for this is because it does not process EXIF data or chooses to ignore the EXIF orientation information. Unfortunately this means that you cannot be sure that the image will display the same way everywhere. This function will correct the problem by automatically rotating the image to the normalized (top-left) orientation, the only orientation that all software can handle. Note that the first three options do not change the EXIF orientation flag. Once you have processed your files using this option, you can safely use the three other options without "denormalizing" the orientation in the EXIF data.