File Open Container Q&A


This section answers some common questions we have gotten on PMView's File Open Container and points out some non-obvious features. You should also refer to the general on-line help on the File Open Container for a complete reference to commands.


Q. What is the File Open Container (FOC)?


A. The FOC is the large, initially white, rectangular area in the lower-right corner of PMView's File Open window. To see the File Open window, either select "FileOpen" or type Ctrl+O.


The FOC is a standard container, which means that you change its view, drag and drop things to and from it, and resize it. (To do the last, resize the window and the FOC will also be resized.) You can also display a popup menu for the FOC and for each image inside it. Finally, you can rename an image by clicking on the filename.



Q. How do I bring up the FOC pop-up menu?


A. The usual way: Right-click inside the container but not on one of the images. A menu will pop up. If the top item on the menu is "Open", then you have the menu for one of the images; try again in another location.


If you are in the Multiple column view, try right-clicking under the bottom row of icons. If you are in Detail view, right-click on one of the column headings, e.g., on top of the word "Name." Again, this is all as usual.



Q. How do I select more than one image?


A. The usual ways: You can drag a rectangular area, and all the images that touch the rectangle will be selected. (If you try to drag the rectangle "outside" the FOC, the FOC will automatically scroll.) You can click on the first image you want and Ctrl + click on the second and subsequent ones. If you want to select a bunch of images in order, you can click on the first one, then shift-click on the last one, and all the images between them will be selected. You can also type Ctrl + / to select all the images in the current directory.


There is also one other "unusual" way: If you don't like having to hold down Ctrl, then bring up the FOC popup, click "Select", and click "Sticky Select". While Sticky Select is on, you don't need to hold down Ctrl to add images to the selection. (To deselect while you are in Sticky mode, click the image a second time)



Q. Why is PMView so slow at putting images into the FOC? How can I speed it up?


A. Normal View mode, PMView has to load a lot of information for each image before it adds it to the FOC. It has to load the thumbnail and standard icon for each image. It also reads enough of the image to check its actual image format (as opposed to its filename extension) and its color depth (i.e., how many colors the image could possibly have). It loads all this information in case you change to Detail view, or want to sort based on this info.


If you don't need this info, try Quick view instead. In Quick view, you can only see (and sort on) file names, sizes, dates, and times. But if that's all you want, Quick view is the way to go, especially on slow drives (such as CD-ROMs).



Q. Whew! What are all those View choices?


A. The best way to figure out the Views is to experiment, and to look at on-line documentation under File Open Container.



Q. How can I sort images?


A. Bring up the FOC popup menu and click "Sort". By default, PMView sorts by filenames. If you want to change this default, click the arrow to the right of "Sort" and pick the sort type you want. Note that some types of sorts are not available in Quick mode. For details on the sort options, check the on-line documentation.



Q. Is there anything else on the FOC popup?


A. Yes -- the "Refresh" command. This re-reads the current directory and updates the FOC display. Images will be sorted using the currently selected method. Use "Refresh" if you're using another program (or session) to add (or change) images.