File Menu


The File menu lets you transfer files from/to disk or to delete the current image or run a slideshow.


New lets you create a new empty canvas, a new slideshow, or start a new PMView session in a new window.

Open opens the file open window that lets you load an image from disk, browse your images and create/delete thumbnails.

Recall will revert to the file on disk, which means any changes you had made to it (or your view of it) are lost. Recall also lets you recall on of the 8 recently loaded files.

Next/Previous will open the next or previous image file in the current directory.

Save will save the current image to disk. The image will be written to a file with the same file name, format, and options that were used when the file was last saved.

Save As lets you save the file with a different name, in another file format, or with different save options.

Close will close the current image or slideshow.

Info will show detailed information about the currently displayed image.

Print will print the currently displayed image.

Copy to lets you copy the currently displayed file to another location.

Move to lets you move the currently displayed file to another location.

Delete will delete the currently displayed image or slideshow.

Set as Wallpaper lets you set the current image as desktop background.

Exit will quit PMView

Twain lets you acquire images from a TWAIN compliant device

Capture will let you capture the whole screen or selected parts of it.