Bugs and known problems



If you encounter a problem in PMView, please report it to us. However, before reporting it, please carefully check the list of driver bugs and application notes below. If you can't find the problem listed, please report it to us. (Prior to reporting it, if possible, please take a look at PMView's WWW pages at https://www.pmview.com and see if you find the bug listed there). Please record the program version number and a detailed description of the action being performed at the time of the error.

We welcome any and all bug reports at bugs@pmview.com.



PMView crashes or terminates abruptly - How to generate a log file

If the problem is of the nature that PMView crashes or abruptly terminates, please do the following. Start PMView with the /LOG flag:


pmview /log=pmview.log


Once you have repeated the problem and PMView has terminated, please send us the generated log file.




There are no known bugs in this release of PMView.




Printer driver problems are common in Windows 95/98. If you have a problem printing from this version of PMView, we recommend that you uninstall and reinstall the printer driver. This usually solves the problem.



The following applications need a specific version when used with PMView:


WindowBlinds by Stardock Inc

The shareware version of WindowBlinds has bugs that prevent PMView's automatic window resizing from functioning correctly. (The PMView window will be too small and have scroll bars).

Solution: Upgrade to a newer version of WindowBlinds


RSJ CD Writer

There is an error message when closing PMView.

Solution: Upgrade to RSJ CD Writer v1.11.