These controls let you adjust the brightness, contrast, and color of your image. Brightness and contrast work pretty much the way they do on most TV sets. Color lets you adjust how much color appears in the image (some TV sets have this control).


If you change your mind later, you can come back to this control and press the Reset button. This will return you to your original settings for brightness, contrast, and saturation.


Brightness adjusts the brightness, i.e. amount of light in your image.

Contrast adjusts the contrast of your image. Images that exhibit low contrast can sometimes be visually enhanced by increasing the contrast.

Color adjusts the color strength of your image. If you turn the color all the way down (-100%), you'll get a black-and -white image. This control will be disabled if grayscale is turned on.


Note: If you're handling images with more than 256 colors, you should adjust color last. This is because the other adjustments take twice as long when color has been moved away from 0% under those circumstances.


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