/WPos flag


/Wpos = (Left,Bottom,Width,Height,Flags):


This flag determines the initial position and size of PMView's main window. IMPORTANT: If you use /WPos, make sure that you don't type any spaces between numbers or flags.


If no value is specified, the default value(s) will be used. Left:, Right, Width and Height can be specified in pixels or percent of the desktop size. To specify a percentage, add the letter "p" (for example, 17p stands for 17 percent).


Flags can be one or none of the following flags

Maximize Start PMView maximized

Minimize  Start PMView minimized

Restore  Start PMView in non min/maximized state


and can be combined with one or more of the following flags

Activate  Make PMView's main window the active window

Foreground Bring PMView to the foreground


Example: Start PMView maximized

PMView /WPos=(,,,,Max)


Example: Set PMView's main window size to 100x100 pixels

PMView /WPos=(,,100,100,Res)


Example: Activate PMView and bring it to the foreground

PMView /WPos=(,,,,ForAct)


Example: Center PMView on desktop, making it half as wide and tall as the screen

PMView /WPos=(25p,25p,50p,50p)