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Full Version: PMView - lost icon
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An addition to the previous message.
I have both OS/2 and Windows 95 on the same computer, using boot-manager.
Both the OS/2 and Windows version of PMView are installed, on different drives.
But... the Windows intallation of PMView is visable from OS/2.
The icon of PMView that appears in OS/2
(the OS/2 installation), is the standard Windows (3.1) program icon with a blue strip in the top edge.
If I look on the Windows 95 installation of PMView from OS/2, the icon has its normal appearance.

Ake Jonsson
This sounds like an OS/2 anomaly. Make sure that you have FP!=13 installed since
FP13 came loaded with problems. How about if you try to set the icon manually? Or just try to reinstall PMView...

This should really be something trivial...

Peter Nielsen ( "If you can dream it, you can do it" JFK.
Thanks for the answer.
I have reinstalled PMView one time,
with no changes of the problem.
How do I intall FP!=13 ??

It seems that two program files can't have the same icon (The OS/2 and Windows version of PMView program files are both visible by the operative system = OS/2).
The OS/2 PMView program icon can't be changed manually at all.
However, the desktop link to PMView can be changed to whatever I want.
The program then functions normal so I can let it be with that.


[This message has been edited by akjnsn (edited July 05, 2000).]
What I mean with "FP!=13" is "any fixpak except fixpak #13". For instance fixpak 12.

Peter Nielsen ( "If you can dream it, you can do it" JFK.
Hello Peter !
Futher information:
I have Warp 3.0 + service pack XRWW035 installed (Swedish versions).
I hade before, - PMView 1.02 installed,
with no trubble with icons.
It was uninstalled and PMView 2000 was installed.
(First in Windows 95 and then in OS/2).

Best Regards,
Fixpak 35 should be okay for Warp 3. I don't remember any big problems with it although it was a long time ago... (I currently have FP42).

In any case I have not seen this problem. The fact that not even OS/2 lets you set the icon indicates that someting is not right with OS/2 or the WPS... (Since you can't set it manually I can well understand that PMView's installer also fails to do the work).

Hi again Peter.

The icons first appear normal after installation of PMView, both the program icon PMVIEW.exe and the link in the desktop-folder PMVIEW 2000. After restart of the computer and starting OS/2 the icon image is lost, both in the program icon and the link icon. The same events repeat at re-installation of PMView.
I have saved the icon image from the exe-file as an icon-file before it was lost the 2nd time and have applied it to the link so it has the correct look. (as a work-around).

The program then functions very well in OS/2, - and also in Windows 95.

The new file-tree is a very good improvement
and also the diffent possibility to make thumb-nails, other things not mentioned.
Best Regards,
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