TWAIN Support in PMView Pro

If you have a scanner, and it is connected to your system, you can scan directly into PMView Pro!

Simply click Aquire under the File Menu and your scanning software will be started!

PMView Pro supports progressive scanning. Progressive scanning enables the TWAIN Driver to transfer data directly from the scanner to PMView Pro with minimal memory overhead (typically only a 32kB transfer buffer is used). Thus, this halves the memory need and you will see the image progressively appear in PMView Pro as it is being scanned.


PMView Pro also gives you the ability to select from any source available on your system. You can select from any digital input device installed on your system, by clicking Select Source in the File Menu. When the Select Source Dialog Box pops up, just click the input device you want and press Select. By clicking Aquire in the File Menu, you will be able to use the device specified!
This feature is great for digital cameras!

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