Select Source


Use this to select a TWAIN compliant device for acquiring images. PMView will open the device software's Select Source Dialog Box. Highlight the device that you want to use, then click on the OK button.


The interface between an application and an image device's software is handled by a file named TWAIN_32.DLL When you install the software for an image device, a copy of TWAIN_32.DLL is placed in the Windows directory. When PMView starts, it checks if the file is installed. If it is, the TWAIN-specific menu selections Acquire and Select Source are made available. If it isn't, the menu selections are grayed out.


Note: If you have a TWAIN-compliant device installed, but Acquire and Select Source on the File Menu are grayed out, check to see if TWAIN_32.DLL is installed in the Windows directory. If it isn't, try reinstalling your device software. Make sure you turn on any options that pertain to TWAIN drivers. If TWAIN_32.DLL is still missing, contact the device manufacturer.