Edit Filter


This dialog lets you edit your own filter. Note that you can only edit filters that are smaller than or equal to 7x7 with PMView's built-in filter editor. If you need a larger filter PMView can apply it to your image, but you will need to edit it with a separate (standard) ASCII-editor.


Name The name of the filter.


Weights The matrix of filter weights.


Divisor This is the number that the sum of the pixels in the weight matrix are divided with. Note that the filter size should always be uneven, i.e. the filters that can be edited with this editor are 3x3, 3x5, 3x7, 5x3, 5x5, 5x7, 7x3,7x5, and 7x7 (larger filters must be edited separately as stated above).Empty fields will automatically be filled with zero (0).


Bias This number will be added to the resulting value once the weight and division factors have been applied. 100% bias corresponds to a bias value of 255.


Absolute value If set, the pixel values will be clamped as x = min (255, abs (x)). If not set, the pixel values will be clamped as x = min (255, max (0, x)).