Capture Setup


These options let you control how PMView captures images.


Capture method

Instant This method makes PMView instantly capture the window you select. Note that the mouse pointer cannot be included when using this method. (The Include mouse pointer option is grayed out).

Delayed by This method waits the specified time before capturing the window. During this time you can bring up pop-up menus etc. that you wish to include in the captured image. When the specified number of seconds have elapsed you will hear a beep and the window will be captured.

Activated by This method captures the window when the selected hot-key is pressed.


Include Mouse Pointer The option determines whether the mouse pointer should be included in the capture or not. The mouse pointer cannot be included when doing instant captures. Thus, the capture method must be either Delayed By or Activated By.


Hide PMView and its dialogs Use this option to select whether PMView should be hidden during captures or not. If set, PMView and its windows will be hidden, thus making it easier for you to select the window to capture. However, if you would like to capture one of PMView's own windows this option must be turned off.


Tip: You can make a contact sheet' by turning this option off and capturing PMView's File Open Container.