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Full Version: Two questions - Upgrade policy and Linux version
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Stefan Briesenick

I'm a registered long time user of PMView. Currently I own licenses for PMView 2000 2.32 for Windows *and* OS/2. Unfortunately the german website still offers the old 2.32 version.

Now I have 2 questions:

1. Can I upgrade the Windows-Version to 3.x for free or at least for a cheap upgrade price?

Since I don't use OS/2 anymore, but mostly Linux, here is my 2nd question:

2. Is there a Linux version planned, in work or available?

Since my main system is Linux (>98%) I don't want to waste money for Windows-Software. If there is an update price around EUR 10 max. I would order the windows version.

but: if I have to pay full price and/or there is no linux version planned / in work, PMView is dead to me. Unfortunately! Since PMView is a really great piece of software...

A Linux version is in the works.
As PMView 2000 is still supported, there is no reason for you to upgrade unless you need the new features in PMView Pro.
I can offer an upgrade discount to registered users. Please contact me at as I cannot give out discount codes in this forum since they are personal.

BTW, the Linux version will be free of charge for non-commercial use at home. However, whether the Linux version sees the light of day depends on how the Windows version is selling now. (Each sold copy of the Windows version helps to develop the free Linux version).

Henk Jonkman
First, I do know that a software company cannot live on thin air alone, but I'm a bit disappointed that there isn't some form of upgrade policy for 'long time' users. Granted, $40 is a small price for a program that I use on (almost) a daily basis. However, I registered the OS/2 version in Nov. 98 for $42 and updated to the combined Win/OS/2 license for $29 in Jan 2000 as Windows appeared more and more as the OS of my choice.
Over the years it has been a real bargain of course (say $10 a year from 1998 up to today) but as I don't use OS/2 anymore and probably never will in the future I would very much like a possibility to 'trade in' these older licenses for a shiny new one - with a discount. :cool:

Second, would it be possible to add a feature that can export the File Open dialog or a Slideshow to HTML? That would speed up creation of indexes with thumbnails for my family's photoalbums quite a bit.
With such a feature I could arrange all thumbs the way I like best and create a (simple) HTML with all those thumbs already in a table.


Please contact me at for upgrade pricing.

A HTML "contact sheet" creator is planned for a future version.

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