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Full Version: Scaled images sharper with version 1 of PMView
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Paul Goddard
For a while I have suspected that the images I was resizing using version 2000 of PMView (Windows) were not as sharp as the ones I resized using the OS2 version (not 2000). Today I confirmed it by resizing the same image using both programs and compared the results. The sharpen filter which comes with 2000 still gives a worse result than with version 1 and in both cases I checked interpolate pixels. Is there anyway I can use version 2000 and get the same results as I did with version 1. This would save rebooting to OS2 and working with 16 colours (my present setup).
This is because the shrinking algorithm has been improved. In PMView v1.x, the interpolation only worked when ENLARGING images. It had no effect when shrinking images. This was of course not how it was supposed to work (call it a bug if you wish). It is now fixed in PMView 2000.

A side effect of the interpolation is that the image will be blurred.

If you want the same result as in PMView v1.x, then simply disable interpolation when shrinking an image. If you want a better result, then shrink with interpolation enabled. Then apply one of the sharpen filters or adjust the contrast.

(Side note: Try to shrink an image of a grid/mesh with PMView v1.x and you'll see just how bad it works compared to PMView 2000. Many of the horizontal and vertical lines in the mesh will be lost due to the fact that the interpolation is not working properly in v1.x).

Peter Nielsen ( "If you can dream it, you can do it" JFK.

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Paul Goddard
Thanks for that reply. Whether the effect appears better (to me) or not does depend on the image. At least I don't have to keep rebooting anymore.
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