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Full Version: V2.14 and 2.20 crashes
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If I select a thumbnail in the file open windows, drag it any distance and drop it into the same window, I get a crash 100% of the time. Both 2.14 and now 2.20 exhibit this problem. 2.14 had problem on ATI Rage Fury card, as well as new Radeon 64DDR. 2.20 still has problem on Radeon, with latest drivers....
More info. Here is dialog after crash:

PMVIEW caused an invalid page fault in
module SHELL32.DLL at 018f:7fcb84d2.
EAX=0000003e CS=018f EIP=7fcb84d2 EFLGS=00010202
EBX=008043cc SS=0197 ESP=01f4fb60 EBP=01f4fe50
ECX=01960e00 DS=0197 ESI=00804264 FS=79e7
EDX=00000000 ES=0197 EDI=bff772f8 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
80 38 5c 50 74 10 ff 74 24 08 ff 74 24 0c e8 0e
Stack dump:
7fce9542 008043cc 0000003e 00000100 00804264 00000000 7fce96cd 00804264 00804264 00804210 01f4fe50 00000000 01960eac 7fcecec5 00000100 00804210

Also, I get 3 dialogs in a row telling me PMView crashed, then it closes...
You forgot to tell the most important information: [b:post_uid0]What Windows version and fixpak are you using?[/b:post_uid0] Also, have you upgraded Internet Explorer? If so, to what version?

I guess the most probably explanation is that the crash is caused by some non-standard DLL on your system. (Probably you've installed some application that upgraded one of the system DLLs and caused the incompatibilty -- IE might be such an application).

Please note that I can't reproduce this bug on any of my Windows setups (Win95, Win98, NT4, or Win 2000). I guess you understand the problem here: It's hard to fix something that isn't really broken - or at least not broken here

If you let me know the specifics of your system setup, I might be able to configure a similar system here so that I can see the problem.

FWIW, this is the first time somebody has reported this problem, so it is obviously not something that happens on all systems.

Also, please don't forget trying to run PMView with the /log flag to see if any additional error information is logged. (More info about this is found in the on-line help).

Peter Nielsen ( "If you can dream it, you can do it" JFK.
System is running Win98SE + IE5.5+SP2
This crash occurred before with 2.14, when I was running win98 + ie5.01 as well. I updated my BIOS about 2 months ago, and then had power management problems, so I formatted the drive and installed fresh.
I also have several components of Object Desktop installed/running, which you have noted cause a problem in window resizing....
Originally posted by stephenholden:
[b:post_uid0]System is running Win98SE + IE5.5+SP2[/b:post_uid0]

A basic Win98SE installation does not have this problem. I will try installing IE5.5 and see if it makes any change, but I believe it won't have any effect. (This is a far too common installation, if it had problems I would surely have gotten many bug reports by now).

Unfortunately I'm afraid that it's Object Desktop that causes the problem... (Stardock's WindowBlinds had half a dozen big problems which still are not fixed -- at least not in their demo version).

Peter Nielsen ( "If you can dream it, you can do it" JFK.
Same crash in 2.14 on my NT4.0 + SP6a machine at work.
Get ;exception at 0x709a1001 referencing memory address 0000004c. Not read'
Get that twice, then
'Unknown software exception 0x00000027 at 0x77f3b88c'
This with NVidia TNT2 Ultra, but again with object desktop stuff installed.
Re-booting without running any object desktop apps at all will still crash. I'll try un-installing all of them and see what happens.
Win98 on Dell Inspiron 7000 + IE 5.5 also has problem, with Obj Desktop installed.
Here's a log on the NT Box:

PMView 2000 Unregistered Shareware Version Nov 27 2000
Windows NT 4.00 Service Pack 6 build 1381 @ 1280x1024, 16 bits
Started Fri May 4 08:48:46 2001

General Protection Fault exception occurred at EIP = 709A1001 on thread 0154.
Register Dump at point of exception:
EAX = 0000004C EBX = 0014E7D0 ECX = 0210FF40 EDX = 00030000
EBP = 0210FE28 EDI = 77F04611 ESI = 0014E54C ESP = 0210F918
˙ES = 0023 ESLIM = FFFFFFFF FS = 0038 FSLIM = 00000FFF
˙GS = 0000 GSLIM = 00000000 SS = 0023 SSLIM = FFFFFFFF
NPX Environment:
CW = 0362 TW = FFFF IP = 0000:00000000
SW = 0000 OPCODE = 0000 OP = 0000:FFFF0000
NPX Stack:
No valid stack entries.
Process terminating.
Originally posted by stephenholden:
[b:post_uid0]Windows NT 4.00 Service Pack 6 build 1381 @ 1280x1024, 16 bits[/b:post_uid0]

Oh, NT 4.00 Service Pack 6 build 1381 is what PMView has been developed on and what I use every day! I also have IE 5.5 installed here and have never seen any of the problems you mention!

This sure looks like an Object Desktop issue. Beware that uninstalling OD probably will not help since it most likely won't downgrade system DLLs that it already has upgraded

Anyway, I guess it's worth a try...
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