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Full Version: unnatural  colours on printout - different versions - different colours
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Rainer Seupel
I checked out the current version of PMView under Win98 and I observed that the printing colours differ very much from the picture on my screen (too much red). I had an old OS/2 PMView version (1.02)laying around and tried this one too.The printouts of this old version (under OS/2) are much closer to the screen display and much better in colour.
My question is, are the colour differences due to the different PMView versions or due to different printer drivers (Win98 and OS/2) ?

It is due to the printer drivers. Later versions of Windows (e.g. Win XP) allows you to provide a color profile for your printer.

I will also provide color profiling in a later OS/2 version.

Hello Peter,

following on this rather old thread, I'm finding that PMView displays flat colours for some images that I have, and those are displayed correctly in Photoshop.

This is most likely due to the embedded colour profile, that PMView does not handle.

Do you plan on using colour profiles in a later version?

And as an aside, do you plan on reading RAW files from digital cameras (i.e NEF files from Nikon, or CR2 files from Canon, etc..)?

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