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Full Version: Some  JPGs cause system crash - Some JPGs cause system crash
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I've been a very satisfied registered user of PMView for OS/2 and Windows for years. I have suddenly come up against a bug which does not appear to be in PMView for Windows, but certainly affects it. It is hard to tell if there are other symptoms of the problem, but ONE of the symptoms is that when PMView loads certain specific JPGs (that don't appear to be corrupted in any obvious way) either the whole system freezes completely, to the point where I have to hit the computer's reset button, or the system saves me the trouble, and spontaneously does a hard reset for me. I don't think the bug is in PMView, because I get the spontaneous hard reset when I use Mozilla or Internet Explorer to view various web pages, which I would assume have offending JPGs. Infranview does not have any trouble with the images in question.

This is a new issue, which has not come up in years of use of the product, and I don't think I did anything to my machine likely to induce the problem.

I am running Windows 98Se. I have tried a number of things to resolve the problem. I have done a re-install over my existing Win98se install. I have deleted and reinstalled the latest version of PMView. I have made sure I have the latest DirectX instatlled, and have uninstalled and reinstalled the graphics driver (an S3 Twister, for what that's worth.) I have run Ad-Aware and Spy-bot seach-and-destroy, and run a register utility (Registry First Aid) repeateded.

Norton antivirus spotted a couple of screensaver (.scr) programs with trojan horses that got copied to my system, but were never run. There was no sign of them having infected my system.

At this point, I figure some Windows file related to graphics display has somehow gotten corrupted, and I am just hoping the above description is enough of a clue so that someone can tell me to reinstall the gravistran32.dll or whatever it is causing the problem.

Thanks for any help!


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Sounds a bit like bad memory (RAM) or a bad CPU/motherboard to me. Sorry, but that's my best guess from what you tell me.

Peter --

I have more or less reached the conclusion that there is something funky about the motherboard's built-in graphics board, and possibly with the mobo generally. The resets are frequent and damned inconvenient, and it is increasingly diffiicult to boot the machine without lockups. However, when I boot in safe mode or to a DOS prompt, all is well. I have ordered the parts to build a new machine, and I'll work on this spare machine and build the new one and have all my data nice and safe before I do any further experimenting, such as swapping out the memory and/or disabling the onboard graphics chip.

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