PMView Pro v3.63 is now available. This version adds +2GB support on 32-bit Windows and solves a problem with sluggish behavior of the File/Open save dialog folder tree. We recommend that anyone with an older version of PMView v3.xx for Windows upgrades to this release.

Versions since v3.60 includes a new installer and native x64 build for Windows.

OS/2 Users: Please note that the latest OS/2 release is v3.61. The v3.62 and v3.63 releases only address problems specific to Windows that do not occur on OS/2.

List of new features and bug fixes:


Download the full version here:

IMPORTANT: To obtain the full (registered) version of the update, you will
need the product ID and download password. This information is in the
e-mail that was sent to you when you purchased PMView Pro. If you have
lost it, please contact

Trial (demo) versions of PMView can be downloaded at
Registered users, please note that the trial versions CANNOT be
registered. If you have purchased PMView Pro, please follow the download
instructions in the e-mail sent by BMT Micro.