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Full Version: Multimonitor Behaviour Still Doesnt Do What I Want
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Not sure if it is possible to achieve what I want - it seems not.
Basically, I want PMView when loading an image to
- remembers its last position (including which monitor)
- size to fit the picture
This doesn't appear to be possible with any combination of the settings (which are very confusing to me).

FYI I have a perhaps unusual setup:

|         ||        |
|     1   ||  2     |
|         ||        |
+---------+|        |
           |        |
           |        |

That is monitor #2 is in portrait mode. I use monitor 1 for browsing with Windows explorer and monitor 2 for pmview to appear on.

If I set "Window Position" to "Never move window" then PMView remembers to appear on monitor 2, but is tiny, about 100x20 pixels, only displaying part of the title bar.
If I set to "Move window when required" then PMView sizes the window right, but moves it to monitor 1.
If I set "Position and size to virtual desktop" then PMView remembers the monitor but sizes to fit the screen (not maximised, which is also wrong)

I have set
"Resize window when loading a new image"
"Resize window when editing or zooming"
"Zoom to fit enlarges window to fit screen"

Also, the preferences tab is appearing on monitor 1 for me, even though PMView is on monitor 2. Sometimes this results in it appearing off screen.
Yes, that's an unusual setup.

Are you running the latest version? (v3.52)

I've been running PMView on windows with dual screens for 2 years and have not seen those problems. (Except for older versions of v3.xx that have some issues).

Maybe the problem could have something to do with the "Extend the Windows desktop to this monitor" setting for the second monitor. I'm not sure how PMView will behave if this is *not* enabled.

The only minor "annoyance" I know about is that when doing a screen capture, I have to move PMView to the correct screen first, as PMView will limit the area of selection to the screen where the main PMView window appears.

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