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Full Version: Cursor Placement When Tabbing To Field
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Hello, Peter:

Main window:
takes one to the Transform->Size dialogue. For me (perhaps for everyone, I don't know if it changes defaults), the Size pane is active and the Custom field has focus.

If you (as I do) use Tab to move to the next field (Custom size -> Width) . . .

Win version:
Cursor is placed in front/left of the highest/leftmost digit

OS/2 version:
Cursor is placed at rear/right of the lowest/rightmost digit.

After tabbing to this field, I change the number (every time). With OS/2, I have to use <BS>; with Win I have to use <Del> (or <End><BS>).

Because this sequence of keystrokes is one that I use very frequently, and because I use both the Win and OS/2 versions more or less equally, I'd like the cursor placement to be consistent (so I don't have to watch the screen for every keystroke, nor to I have to remember "context": am I working with PMV/Win or PMV/OS2 today?). I do not have a preference as to which is "correct"; I can adapt to either.

Is this an easy change?
Hi Al,

Thanks for reporting this inconsistency. I will have this fixed in v3.51!

FYI, I think the behavior is wrong in both versions. My preferred design is that the text is selected so that when you type in a new number, it erases the selected (previous) text and replaces it. This will let you type in a new number without using backspace or delete.
From my POV, that would be wonderful: even fewer keystrokes to accomplish a common task for me. But I'd settle for consistent behaviour for both versions wink.gif
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